Health Care and prevention of STROKE


Stroke is a diseases that affects the arteries taking blood to the brain. It can be caused either by a blood clot stopping the flow of blood to the brain called an Ischemic stroke or by vein breaking and averting blood flow to the brain called a Hemorrhagic stroke.

Causes of Stroke

Stroke happens when a nerve that supply oxygen and supplements to the brain is either hindered by a material, blasts or bursts.

At the point when that happens some portion of the brain can’t get blood and oxygen it needs, so it and the brain cell dies.

The Impacts

The brain is a to a great degree a complex organ that controls different body functions. If a stroke happens and blood flow can’t achieve the area that controls a specific body work that part of the body will not function properly


  1. AGE: the possibility of having a stroke roughly doubles for every time of life after age 55. While stroke is basic among the elderly, many individuals under 65 additionally have stroke.
  2. Innate (family history): The possibility  is more prominent if a guardian, grandpa, sister or sibling has had a stroke. Some stroke are thus perhaps an indications of hereditary
  3. Sex (sexual orientation): It is more typical in men than in women.Women will be affected than men in an age bracket within given year. Anyway the greater part of death happen in women at all ages. A higher proportion of women than men die of stroke. The Use of conception prevention pills and pregnancy pills increase the chance of stroke in women.

Causes of Stroke.

  1. Hypertension is the main cause  and the most controllable factor. It is a known fact that the treatment of hypertension is a key factor behind any drop in cases of stroke.
  2. Cigarette smoking: Tests have shown that cigarette smoking is also one of the major hazard factor. The nicotine and carbon monoxide in tobacco smoke harm the cardiovascular structure thereby limiting its ability to function effectively and increase the possibility of stroke.
  3. Diabetes mellitus . Many people with diabetes likewise have hypertension, cholesterol and are overweight. This builds their risks much more. While diabetes is treatable the possibility of diabetes increases the chance.



Fortunately 80% are preventable through health care.

Take care of hypertension, and stop smoking cigarette.

*Poor Diet that is high with saturated fat, Trans fat and cholesterol can raise blood cholesterol level.

*Diet high in sodium (salt) can add to increased blood pressure.

*Diets rich in calories can add to obesity.

*A planned diet is good, especially if it contains at serving of fruits and vegetables every day. This may decrease the danger.



Most supplements are important. They help expand the blood flow to the brain areas that were harmed do to the brain accident. That implies they can shield the brain cells from further damages.

Danshen is used in ischaemic stroke.  This fortifies and help the flow in the recovery procedure. Siberian ginseng is used to protect the brain cells.  It enhance the veins in not only the brain but also the body.


 Take out salt seasoning – Taking out salt seasoning with natural food seasoning is the best. Garlic, Onion, Chilli pepper serves the best options. Robust, intensely flavored food can help stimulate the appetite. Substitute

 Olive oil – A mono saturated fat like olive oil which have strong presence of vitamin E should be considered in place of butter. Reducing fat intake and avoiding butter and Trans fat is a must.


High-fiber cereal – Whole grains rich in soluble fiber should not be neglected. Fiber plays a good role in limiting stoke effects. Banana or blueberries could be added as additional antioxidants


Vegetables – Variety of vegetables provides high range of vitamins and minerals. Cooked root vegetables added makes a stronger vegetable variety that stands against stroke.

 Fruit – Banana is a strong choice. Fruits that are naturally sweet, high in vitamins and fibre, but also very low in fats are a very health fruit diet, to tackle  stroke related situation. Taking fruits which are especially fresh, which also do not have peels or skins before eating is equally great.

 Whole wheat pasta – Nothing says Sunday dinner more than spaghetti and meatballs. Everyone loves this comfort food, but old-school, refined pasta lacks the fiber and nutrition of the new, current generation of whole wheat pastas. Multi-colored vegetable pasta made from beets and carrots or low-carbohydrate pastas with low glycemic loads are also better nutritional choices than the stuff you grew up with.