This recipe from rice water will make you not to throw rice water away

rice water

This recipe will improve the quality of your health, hair, skin complexion and several wide ranges of health benefits. It is as an ancient Chinese recipe. Rice is an important Asian staple food.

Rice can be in pressure cooker or in an electronic cooker. This method restricts one from gaining access to something healthier in rice, which is the rice water. You need to go through the conventional cooking method to access to it. You need to use more water than usual.


Ingredients for rice water



Preparation for rice water:

Washing your uncooked rice in water do not give you the real rice water. The main rice water is the water you cook your rice in. Just add more water than you normally do when you cook rice. Then you use the water in which the rice has released its good and healthy nutrients.

Boil 6 tablespoons of rice in four cups of water.

Boil for about  20-30 minutes.

 Do not add salt or butter to it.

When the water starts to turn milky white, strain it, allow it to cool.

This water can be taken as a drink while it is warm or use it to rinse the face or the hair, when it cools

Health Benefits:

  1. It regulates body temperature

Rice water is a very effective remedy for regulating your body temperature. It helps you to beat  heat.

  1. Energy is boosted within the body

Rice is rich in carbs. The primary source of energy is carbs. Thus drinking its water is a very good source  of energy. Also, the body easily absorbs all the energy that comes from this rice water

  1. Treats and prevent constipation

It also helps in stimulating the elimination of toxins in the body. They also have properties that help on digestion, which in turn reduce bloating, easing tensions that is caused by constipation.

 4. Works against gastroenteritis

One of the best home remedies for diarrhea is rice water.It works for both adult and infants.Study have shown that it is a very effective remedy for diarrhea in kids. This reduces the rate and volume of the stool.

5. Serves as a great anti cancer food

Cosmetic benefits:

  1. To improve the quality of your hair, wash the hair with rice water

It has many benefits for the hair. It is use as shampoo and conditioner that is free of chemicals. Inositol is found in rice. This inositol  improves the elasticity of the hair and prevents damage. When you massage the scalp with rice water, it helps in strengthening the hair right from the roots of the hair.

  1. To unclog pores, use rice water
  2. For a softer skin, rinse your face with  water
  3. It is a good natural tonic