ONIONS: Amazing benefits in fight against Cholesterol Diabetes Cancer Ulcer


Onions is an ancient crop spice or spice whose origin is difficult to establish but it is believed that the centers of origin include ancient Egypt, India, China and Rome. It is now widely cultivated all over the world.  Onions are now the main cooking ingredients all over the world because of the taste, which is pungent with great onions health benefits . This is impacted into the food.


Onions health benefits are numerous. This  inferred from the role it played in the menus of the poor all over the world from ancient Egypt to Christopher Columbus America and even Europe of the 17th century.

In Egypt onions were given to the poor  in lieu of currency for payment for their labour while code Hammurabi “known as the ancient laws of Mesopotamia” was formulated to show concern for the poor and needy who were, by the code, provided a monthly entitlement of bread and onions.

Alexander the great believed that onion food when eaten made men stronger and so he always fed his men with onion to conquer lands, thus onions health benefits can be felt in human strenght. He believed that onions when consumed by soilders, will increase their valor, stamina, and courage to fight. In Rome and Greece of old, the poor start their day with the consumption of raw onions and bread.

General S. Grant the commandant General who headed the Union Forces during the America civil war was reported to have so much believed in onions health benefits  in strengthening his troops for battles. “ I WILL NOT MOVE MY TROPS UNTIL I RECEIVE ONIONS”. He got several tons of onions..


Onion is a bulbiferous annual or biennial bulb.  The underground bulb is reddish or whitish, depending on the varieties. There are also brown or yellow varieties. The leaves above the ground are greenish and they form grassy fingers above the ground, while the stem is a small disc like structure around which the bulb radiates and from the roots grow. The onion plant can grow up to 10cm above the ground. The flowers are small and whitish in clusters


The colour of onions is indicative of its biochemical properties. White onions are the strongest of all. The yellow with red or purple being is the oldest of all, with its pungency. Besides the flavor, onions also provide lots of biochemicals and nutrients that are important to human health, either curative or preventative. Like garlic, onions are rich in sulphur containing compounds which impact their heavy odour.  These sulphur containing compound are the main stay of their medicinal, or therapeutic properties.

Onions is rich in allicine, diallyle sulphide, and diallyle disulphide. It also has chromium, a trace mineral that helps cell to respond to insulin. It also has Vitamin C, phenols and a plentitude of antioxidants, flavonids , especially quercetin

The higher the concentration of these biochemicals that are healthy giving, the stronger is the odour. So the milder varieties are not as useful medicinally as the pungent ones. The more phenols and flavonids the variety of onions has the more its antioxidant activities including the anticancer activity. Note that the phytonutrients and and the active ingredients in onions are what makes onions very medicinal and therapeutic.



There are sufficient scientific proofs that daily consumption of onion is beneficial health wise


Consumption of onions, either raw or cooked or prepared in other forms has the capacity to lower the cholesterol. Onions contain saponnins and these are phytochemicals responsible for its cholesterol reducing ability. It boots or increase the level of good cholesterol in the blood


This pungent, lachrymose, natural food with its high content of phytochemicals is responsible of protecting the body against a number of diseases whether major or minor, infectious or age-related cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, respiratory challenges and many more.



Blood clot dissolving activities are increased so that the challenges of vascular blockage by clot of blood are reduced or avoided altogether.It makes the free flow of blood thereby promoting cardiovascular health and overall good circulatory system


It reduces the risk of diabetes mellitus or type two diabetes. The consumption of onions tends to promote blood sugar level reduction by not only activating the pancreases to produce more insulin but also making the available insulin more effective for blood sugar reduction.


Onions are anti infective. Juice can successfully  used to treat wounds. Control Infections caused by bacteria  by consumption of onions. They  include bronchitis, gonorrhea, syphilis, pneumonia, etc.


Consumption of onions reduces the risk of cancer. The antioxidants in the phenols and the flavonids of onions tend to retard the growth of  these tumors or cancerous cells or outgrowths


Regular consumption of onions relieves patients of the discomfort of stomach ulcers.


Both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis are diseases of the elderly or as from middle age. Onions contain pain relieving substances. They reduce the inflammation and pains around the joints. Regular consumption of raw onions helps to reduce the inflammation and severity of the pains


Some have collections of noxious fluids. Regular consumption of onions will reduce this fluid and the attendant health consequences.


The heart is a master organ after the brain. Non correction of  malfunctioning heart soonest  results in death within seconds. Consumption of raw onions is very good for the health of the heart and the entire circulatory system. It is also good for blood pressure. Onions is rich in organic chemicals which help to regulate the blood by keeping it at a normal temperature.

Onions is thus a unique vegetable crop because of its food value and phytotherapeutic properties, healing or medicinal properties