Mistletoe tea recipes: Effects on fertility cancer diabetes and insomnia


Mistletoe tea bags can be prepared from mistletoe plants. It is good for hypertension treatment, and diabetes treatment. It is also an insomnia remedy, enhance fertility at the most fertile age for women, and works against various cancer types.


Mistletoe tea is gotten from the  epiphyte (a parasitic twig or rope) and a parasite that grows depending entirely on other higher plants. The root penetrates its host plants, and gets its nutrient from the host in that process.

It is a unique plant that even under shade, it preserves its green form and is able to photosynthesize. This is unique and amazing thus the plant is apoptotic. Plants that carry out photosynthesis with limited sunlight are termed apophytic.

It grows on cocoa plants, citrus frutis, cashew plants, locust beans tree, guava tree etc. The medicinal nature takes is form from the plant it grows on. Mistletoe plant which grows on guava is effective in the cure and control of cancerous tumor.


The leaves have active ingredients called choline and acetylcholine which are biochemical elements that act on the central nervous system, including the brain and the autonomic nervous system.It is on of the best choline supplement and acetylcholine supplement

These chemicals are found in the green leaves which are the medicinal part of the plants. The flowers which are berries are poisonous and fatal if consumed. They contain high content of alkaloids and other deleterious biochemical.

Do not contaminate mistletoe leaves with the flower or berry. Care must be taken during the preparation of Mistletoe plant as one of herbal tea brands .The flower or berry must not allowed to contaminate the leaves, as it could be fatal. Micro or trace quantities in order of parts per million can be fatal if consumed.


Harvest mistletoe leaves  between 10am to 5pm. Do this to  devoid  mistletoe of moisture and parasites.  They are then dried between newspapers or under shade which preserves the green tea properties. Direct sunlight drying removes lots of nutrients through volatility, that is the loss of gases through heat and expiration. The green leaves which have been dried can now be taken as tea. A hand full in a tea cup of boiling water will extract the active ingredients and can be taken twice daily as general tonic for the body.


Hypertension treatment

Those who drink two cups of mistletoe daily tend to have normal blood pressure.  It is an excellent medicine for the cardiovascular system or blood circulatory system, thus mistletoe plant It is very good for the heart.

Diabetes treatment

In type two Diabetes, insulin produced is not enough to regulate blood glucose to normal level. 90-120mg stands as the blood sugar in a good range. Secretion of more insulin  to convert the blood glucose to glycogen takes place and the blood sugar normalizes. This is a case with good pancreas producing sufficient insulin, but in case of a weak or diseased pancreas, the insulin produced is not adequate to regulate the blood sugar to normal.

Mistletoe is very effective in reducing high blood sugar level and through some factors help to repair the pancreas, thereby strengthening its capabilities of producing more insulin. Mistletoe tea plays a very good role in blood sugar regulation. It helps to reduce blood glucose and repairs pancreas that produce insulin.

Chronic Insomnia

Sleeplessness is a complicated issue that leads to diseases like High Blood Pressure, nervous breakdown, insanity, and many more. Mistletoe is part of home remedies to fall asleep quickly. It relaxes the body, calms frayed nerves and promotes sleep. One or two cups of mistletoe taken with two tea spoon of honey is an anti-node of insomnia or sleeplessness.

Fertility in Women



During the most fertile age in women, mistletoe promotes general health, and thus, it promotes fertility in women. Two to three cups of mistletoe tea regulates the ovulation, menstruation, estrogen, progesterone and androgens circulating in female blood and attain delicate balance of hormones leading to conception and pregnancy. It is an antidote of gynecological problems in women.

Treatment of cancer

Some mistakenly come to the conclusion that diagnosis of cancer on any victim is equivalent to death sentence. Mistletoe green tea, when consumed regularly as tea twice daily, helps to make cancerous tumor to shrink to harmless levels or sizes. Consumption of mistletoe tea also helps in the prevention of various forms of cancer in the human body. Mistletoe is very effective to cancer patients as it can prolong the life of the patient.

One does not have to break down before taking mistletoe tea as a remedy. Consumption of mistletoe helps one to have good health.With a regular taking of mistletoe, there is no place for malaria parasite and typhoid in the blood stream.