know your health status using simply home based stool test

check your stool

In many Laboratories, many people queue for stool test. knowledge of your stool  can be a life saving mechanism. Understanding your stool can save you from many health troubles.

Personal medical customer service on your stool

Stool is a testament of your health status, of which you can run your medical service on yourself. This makes stool analysis in laboratory very vital. There are lots of factors that one can notice through the stool one pass, which could be beneficial to read the state of health


Factors to be considered in your stool test


  1. A normal health stool should be passed within 3 minutes
  2. Spending seven to ten minutes while you are still in the toilet in a factor that all is not well
  3. Healthy stool should b a least one foot long
  4. The color should be light yellow. This is due to the presence of bile. Similar color is OK
  5. Healthy stool should be bulky, shaped or shapeless.
  6. It should be able to float on water, and brownish.

The reason for the ability to flow on water includes:

  1. Bile is Oily, and oil is lighter than water. Thus anything that contains oil do float in water
  2. Bile stool remains the most healthiest stool
  3. It also signifies that the liver is in a good condition


Quality observed in a stool test

  1. From the stool medical, stool passed should be soft. Its softness is the reason for its easy passage
  2. Staying very long in the toilet while stooling is an indication that all is not well. It can mean an onset of constipation.
  3. The Diameter of stool should be 1½ or 2Inchis
  4. Narrow or narrow like stool is not a good sign especially if one notice blood in stool . If it persists for more than ten days, It is an indication of a growth in the colon. Such could be Tumor as a result of Benign or Colon cancer. It is advisable to halt all animal products immediately. Raw foods especially fruits and vegetables should be the best food at such time.
  5. Gray, white or even pale color stool shows that bile is not present. This could be as a result of cirrhosis, Hepatitis or many other liver diseases. The best solution at this point is to go on apples, watermelon, and pineapples to cleanse the liver. Also reduction of cooked food is advised.
  6. Presence of vegetables or tomatoes or others in the stool is an indication of improper eating through eating fast, low mastication or improper digestion. Gently eating and proper chewing of food is advised. Do not rush food.
  7. Hard and dry stool is an indication of constipation. It also an indication that the liver have lots of impurities back to the body system. Drinking lots of water is advised. Detoxification of the liver is needed


Types of stool and its indication

Health Care with fruits and vegetables

  1. Pieces stool is an indication of complicated digestive system, which could be an allergy to food and liver problems.
  2. Watery stool is an indication of very poor digestive system
  3. Splash stool show overeating, wrong food combinations r too much eating of food at a particular time. This compromised digestive system.
  4. Staying for three days without bowel movement is an indication that some eliminating organs are not functioning very well. There could be presence of Typhoid or Malaria.
  5. Staying higher days above three days, to one week without bowel movement is an instigation of the lymphatic system.
  6. If the stool is smelly, it means partially fermented foods. Detoxification of the liver is recommended
  7. Presence of mucus stool is as sy stool. There are undigested proteins or liver obstructiona result fermented undigested foods. Also increased mucus in the stool can be linked to inflammatory diseases. Such diseases include Crohn’s diseases, ulcerative colitis or colon cancer especially is blood or abdominal pain is noticed. Best bet is to watch sugar intake and reduce milk
  8. Gallbladder problems lead to gas

Stool needs to take a healthy form, otherwise if one is on a cleansing diet. Thus notice the indication stated an guage the state of your health.