Health Information on Therapeutic Effect of Honey


Health Information on Therapeutic Effects of Honey and its Medicinal and nutritional  information goes a long way in helping one in health related issues.


These Health Information includes:

Health Information have reveled that honey have Therapeutic effect  on Coarse Voice Due To Excessive Vocalization Or Talking/Crying

Boil ginger in water and add 2 tablespoonful’s of honey to a glass of boiled water and drink at two hourly intervals. 2-3 rhizomes of ginger are adequate. This relief come fast

Health Information on Therapeutic effect of honey on burns and wounds

Honey is curative when applied to burns. The pains go  fast and makes the wound heal fast, showing no scars. High concentration of vitamins, including Vitamin C that makes honey heal burns and wounds fast. When there is injury, the wound should be washed with warm water and honey poured. This should be PURE HONEY not adulterated one as adulterated ones cause more harm than good, because of molasses which further ulcerate the wounds, due to presence of sugar.

Health Information on Therapeutic effect of honey on boil or whit-low

Mix equal parts of flour and honey and garlic and rob on the whitlow, and bandage it. It will resolve within 48 hours. If after 48 hours this did not resolve, do consult your physician.


Health Information on Therapeutic effect of honey on gastric ulcer

A mixture of pineapple juice and honey is very good for gastric ulcer. Its a great information, which states that it should be should be taken three times daily or as soon as any pain is noticed. One should eat fruits or vegetable snacks in between meals and not allow too much hunger in between meals. Hunger makes the digestive tract secret too much gastric juice with Hydrochloric acid, which is the principal cause of ulcer.

Tonic or Detoxification of Body

Take honey regularly. This could be raw or add two spoon fulls to oats, or tea. It acts as a general tonic to the body and also helps to boost the immune system of the body. However, subjecting honey to high temperature makes it loose its medicinal and food value.


Therapeutic effect of honey on High Blood Pressure


This helps to control high blood pressure and improve libido. Grind a bulb of fresh garlic and two rhizomes of ginger mix with bottle of honey and take three spoons daily.



This mixture helps in controlling hypertension or high blood pressure. This promotes vasodilation of arteries that carry blood from the heart to the peripheries, the external genitals, the pennis, the scrotum, vulva and clitories. They become very sensitive when they are well supplied with blood



Stress from work related anxieties and urban related activities at times leads to sleeplessness or insomnia. Doc



However, spoons of honey in warm water taken an hour to bedtime is highly effective and induce sleep. This helps in relaxing the nerves, leading to a good sound sleep.