18 Amazing Honey Recipes and their medicinal value to the health


Honey contains many nutrients because of the honey bees that produce the honey feed on a myriad of plants, flowers, decaying organisms, sweet/ sugary substances of diverse origins.


Honey, Biochemically, contains several vitamins, including vitamins B12, B6, B3, Vitamins A, C, and K. It also includes minerals like potassium (k), sodium (Na), calcium (Ca), cupper (Cu), magnesium (Mg), iron (Fe), manganese (Mn), and many others. Honey also contains an assortment of amino acids and albumen. It has easily digestible sugar-glucose, fructose and many more. Honey is a readymade predigested food that is good for humans, health wise. It is a predigested food that is absorbed directly into the blood stream. It also has antibacterial properties-It controls infection.


Specifically, honey is very curative and it is useful in the control and management of the following diseases or conditions

  1. Sudden weakness in whole body.

For Weakness in whole body, take 2 spoons of honey directly or in a glass of warm water. The two spoons of honey can also be mixed with a spoon of lemon for faster action and effectiveness

  1. Persistence cough with mucus

Bitter kola also used for weight loss can be grind kola and mix with honey.  2 sizeable bitter kolas are ground and mixed with 2 spoons of honey and licked at two hourly intervals for fast relief of cough making the phlegm soft for expulsion or expectoration.

  1. Hoarse Voice remedy due to excessive vocalization or talking/ crying

For this condition to normalize, boil ginger in water and add 2 tablespoonfuls of teaspoonfuls of honey to a glass of boiled water and drink at two hourly intervals. 2-3 rhizomes of ginger are adequate. This is very effective and relief also comes very fast.

  1. Asthma treatment

Very useful for asthma treatment. To get immediate relief from asthma attack, mix castor oil, or olive oil or coconut oil with 5 pints of honey i.e. 1 spoon of oil to 5 spoons of honey. One spoon should be taken in the morning and another in the evening until relieve is achieved. Asthma is a debilitating disease that causes so much discomfort and irritation and it can also be fatal. However, regular intake of olive oil nwith honey provides good remedy.

  1. For burns treatment and used as medicine to heal wounds faster

Honey is very curative if applied liberally to burns for burns treatment. It relieves the pains fast and it also serves as natural medicine to heal wound faster. It makes it smooth with hardly noticeable scares. It is because of its antibiotic factor as well as the high concentration of vitamins, including Vitamin C, that honey heals burns and wounds very fast .In the Far Eastern world, honey is used extensively in operations or various types of surgery and its efficacy or effectiveness in preventing post surgery scars have been widely acclaimed. When there is an injury, the person should ensure that the wound is washed with warm water and honey poured on it copiously. The healing process starts immediately. It should be noted that pure honey is used as adulterated honey will cause more harm than good. For example, adulterated honey that contains molasses will further ulcerate the wound because of the sugar content that will provide food for bacteria.

  1. Athlete foot blisters

Apply honey on every part of the effected athlete foot blisters region twice daily, in the morning and before going to bed. This ailment can be very painful and makes the wearing of shoe very uncomfortable.  However, this athlete foot home remedy given is very effective against athlete foot diseases. The surface has to be washed thoroughly with soap before applying honey on them.

  1. Home fast remedies to whit-low and boil

For herpetic whitlow natural treatment or for  boil , mix equal parts of flour and honey and ground garlic and rob on the whitlow and then bandage it. It will resolve within 48 hours.

  1. Gastric Ulcer treatment

A mixture of pineapple juice nutrition and honey is very good for gastric ulcer treatment. It should be taken thrice daily or as soon as any pain is experienced. Ulcers are common because we do not eat right. There are so many intoxicants we take as alcohols, caffeine, nicotine etc. One should eat fruits or vegetables snacks in between meals and not allow too much hunger in between meals. Hunger makes the digestive tract secret too much gastric juice with hydrochloric acid.

  1. Detoxification alternative medicine

Just take honey regularly as a detoxification drink, eat it raw or add 2 tea spoons to your tea or add 2 spoons of pap or oats. It helps to boost the immune system of the body. It also helps to improve he generally health or wellness of the body. When it is subjected to high temperature, honey loose its medicinal value. This should be avoided.

  1. Piles treatment at home

Burn maize cob makes charcoal, grind same and mix with honey and apply as ointment. It gives instant relieve. This should be followed by drinking pap made of corn/ maize but the pap should be made with warm water instead of boiling water and honey should be added to this and taken regularly.

  1. High blood pressure home remedies.

Causes of sudden high blood pressure are detrimental to life. As a high blood pressure home remedy, grind a bulb of fresh garlic and two rhizomes of ginger mix with honey and take three spoons 3 times daily. This mixture also promotes vaso dilation of arteries that carry blood from the heart to the body peripheries. It is good for cardiovascular, circulatory and reproductive system.

  1. Diabetes treatment

Drinking mistletoe tea blended with one spoonful of honey taken twice daily for about two months will restore the pancreas to its pre-diabetic stage. That is having the capacity to produce insulin adequately to regulate the sugar/ glucose metabolism of the body. A glass of bitter leaf water with honey or paw paw leaf juice with a spoonful of honey is equally efficacious, if taken for a period of 2 months regularly, morning and evening.

  1. Labor pains

It is well known that labor pains are not comparable with any other pain as they are annoying. How to reduce labor pain includes taking a glass of pure honey by the woman as soon as labor pains start. It lessens the pains and hasten the delivery process.

  1. Honey as natural constipation medicine

Add two spoonfuls of honey to warm water and drink after meal. This promotes digestion very fast. It is also healing to the body.

  1. Chronic insomnia remedies

One of the consequences of modern living is stress. Individuals are so stressed from work related issues and other related anxiety that insomnia or sleeplessness has become a serious problem. Normally sleeping pills are prescribed but have their own side effects and often addictive that with time becomes ineffective. Thus higher dosage is then prescribed.


2 spoons of honey in warm water taken an hour to bedtime is highly sleep inducing as it relaxes the nerves, producing a sound sleep and a good remedy for chronic insomnia.

  1. Facial treatment for pimples, sunburns, age signs.

Mix two spoonfuls of honey with egg white (albumen) and a tea spoonful of lemon juice. The mixture should be used as face mask for 1 hour in the night before washing same off. This will make the face to be glossy, shinning, smooth and youngish.

  1. Kidney health

Kidney is one of the key organs in the body. Other includes the heart, the brain, the liver and the lungs. Any time any of these organs is diseased or malfunction, life is threatened and if not cured or corrected, death results in no time.

Kidney health can be promoted with the use of honey and bitter leaf. A glass of bitter leaf juice and a spoonful of honey mixed together is very beneficial to the kidneys. This should be taken at least once a week.

  1. Liver food for health.

The liver is another master organ in the body that helps in carbohydrate, fat, and protein metabolism, including secretion of bile for emulsification of fats. Storage of glycogen is also a key function. Bitter leaf juice with honey with honey for kidney is equally good for the liver but a glass of grape juice with a spoon of honey acts as a powerful tonic for the liver.

No home should be without honey as its great medicinal and health advantages are great. It should be part of our menu replacing sugar with honey.