Prepare this natural fruit extract: Handle health problem even 4th stage cancer


Grape seed extract attacks even stage 4 cancer.At advanced stage cancer hardly responds to chemotherapy. Therefore early detection and is vital for a successful treatment. However Grape seed extract is a magic wand

Health benefits of grape seed extract

Grape seed extract recent studies have shown that even 4th-stage cancer can be treated, with grape seed extract. Study shows that grape seed extract is more potent in destroying cancer cells than even chemotherapy treatment. One of the biggest advantages of grape seed extract is that it focuses and destroys only the cancerous cells which are resistant to chemotherapy in the advancement of cancer. It leaves the health cells intact.

Only small quantities of the grape seed extract is needed in killing advanced cancerous cells, including those that are resistance to drugs and other medications. This makes chemotherapy useless when compared to the seed extract.

You should all know that you just need50% of the concentration of this grape seed extract to prevent and stop the cancer cell growth, and you can destroy 50% of the cancer cells in IV stage- than it was necessary to get the same results in II stage. You should know that a single cancer cell of colon cancer can have more than 11.000 genetic mutations – which is are the differences compared to the DNA in the healthy cells. So, what really happens? Well, the conventional chemotherapy treatment can aim towards a certain mutation. But, when the cancer evolves, more and more mutations usually occur. These mutations can make the cancer cells to be resistant to the conventional chemotherapy treatment. But, the medical experts have found that many bioactive bonds in the grapes seeds extract are possible to aim more mutations.The more cancer mutations – the more effective the extract is.”

Molly Derry, a doctor from the laboratories on the University of Colorado

The potency of grape extract is due to the active ingredient called resveratrol well found in grape seeds and its skin. Resveratrol is known to be of great health benefit.

  1. It stops pancreatic cancer cellular growth
  2. It gives good protection against many types of viruses
  3. It stops and blocks the growth of cells associated with colon cancer
  4. Very effective in treatment of fungal infections
  5. Very useful to the cardiovascular system



Take out the seeds and the skin of the grapes as you make the grape juice.Use a strainer if you are doing it by hand


The grape seed extracts are then washed very well.


Put the seeds and skin to dry, approximately in 24 hours period. The seeds can be cooked at very low temperature as cold pressing is also applied to extract oil out of the seeds.


Take out from the grape seeds, the excess oil and juice by adding grape seed extract to the cold press. This is pressed as the oil then shows a good separation from the solids. Keep aside. The oil will further separate from the extracts


Skim the remaining oil from the solids.


You then save the pressed oil in bottles for therapeutic use.


The seeds are then separated from the remaining skin solids



The extracts are then dried, prepared for grinding.


Separately grind both dried seeds and the skin separately until they are in powder form and mix.


Fill individual empty gelatin capsules with your powdered mixture. Large-size capsules in size 00 are a good size to start with.


Preserve the capsules in a bottle and store in a cool location out of direct sunlight.