Prepare This Banana Recipe. It Solve Problems Better Than Pills


Bananas have high amount of healthy sugars, high content of fiber, as they give high boost in energy. Banana is very vital in treatment of many health challenges better than drugs.High calorie intake is also not a problem associated with banana as it is among healthy foods.

Preparing Banana Pineapple Recipe


  • two banana
  • 2 tsp. ground flax seed
  • ┬átsp. grated ginger
  • 1 cup pineapple slices
  • 1/2 cup almond milk


This is a very simple process. Just put all the ingredients in a blender and mix until well-blended. Enjoy and be healthy

With this banana recipe these health challenges are handled

High Blood Pressure

High consumption of salt and inadequate potassium is a major causative factor of high blood pressure. Potassium is very important when doing blood count and banana is rich in potassium. Taking this banana juice every morning is a good healthy habit that helps maintaining blood pressure at optimal stage.

Handle Depression

Tryptophan known as happy hormone in the form of serotonin is contained in banana. Taking this juice helps to increase the level of this hormone. This makes you feel happy after taking this juice.

Solve Stress

One major factor that decrease the level of potassium in the body is stress. Stress increases metabolism which in turn decreases potassium level. Take this juice and maintain a healthy posture while you strengthen your heart. Yhis will also regulate the body water balance.

Control Constipation

Bananas is rich with pectin. Pectin is a fiber that boosts digestion. It also helps in stimulating the elimination of toxins in the body. They also have probiotic properties that helps on digestion, which in turn reduce bloating, easing tensions that is caused ny constipation. So this juice in the morning is a perfect constipation control


Bananas are rich in vitamin B6, which affects blood glucose positively. Vitamin B also relieves premenstrual symptoms. Bananas reduce pain in the abdomen, regulate mood swings, and prevent water retention in the body.