See what happens to your health and libido if you take banana with this nuts


Banana is a tropical and subtropical perennial crop that is native to the caribbeans but now widely cultivated in most tropical and subtropical ecologies. It has many varieties; some are dwarfish while some are tall, up to 3-5 meter while the dwarf varieties are less than 2 meters in height. The fruit also varies widely. Some remain green even when ripe most turn yellow on ripening. It is said to be most popular and most widely consumed fruits in the world, with great health benefits.

Health Information on Banana Nutrition

Banana contains high calories in form of high carbohydrate content, some fats, vitamins, (especially Vitamin C, A, and B) and a host of other major and minor nutrients or minerals. Particularly, Bananas are very high in potassium.

Banana is consumed ripe as snacks after meals but they are also consumed in the rural areas. Banana has high content of calories, minerals, vitamins, and some fats while groundnuts or cashew nuts are specifically high in protein about 45%. It also has high content of vitamins B complex including Niacin.



Due to its high crude fiber content or roughages, its consumption gives peristaltic bowel movement and it is among natural supplements to reduce cholesterol. It also reduces constipation and indigestion. It helps to control high blood pressure reading because high levels of bad cholesterol or low density lipoproteins are a major causative factor of high blood pressure.

Regular and adequate consumption of banana and the consequent reduction of cholesterol might not be unconnected.

In the blood, potassium and sodium are electrolytes that enter and leave the cell to regulate their functions including blood pressure. When there is a pre-pendency of sodium ion, high blood pressure is precipitated which can be corrected or counterbalanced by potassium ion.

Regular consumption of Bananas, at least 4 fingers daily is very helpful in regulating high blood pressure. Hypertension is normalized. This consumption can adequately control hypertension. Diabetics should not take more than two fingers of banana daily


Consumption of bananas quickly replenishes the body with energy and health fitness. The naturally occurring carbohydrates in form of simple sugars like glucose level, fructose, and other monosacharides readily come to mind.

Glucose and some polysaccharides make banana unique in the provision of energy to its consumer. The absorption of the simple monosaccharide begins immediately on the consumption while further energy is unleashed into the blood stream once the complex carbohydrates are now digested to glucose. The energy release is therefore gradualistics and calibrated.

Therefore, though the glycemic index of banana is high, over 50, it is useful to diabetics. The energy is released gradualistically or in a caliberated manner. In this  way the blood sugar of the diabetics is not overwhelmed. It is also not over loaded with glucose.

Therefore, banana benefits the diabetics and non diabetics as source of energy and maintaining health fitness. However, diabetics should guide against excess consumption. A guide is that diabetics should not consume more than 2 fingers per a day.


What do antioxidants do. Bananas have high content of vitamins, especially, vitamins C and vitamins B6. The vitamin C content of banana promotes its antioxidant activities helping to mop up and ward off free radicals (these free radicals make cells to be predisposed to rapid ageing/degeneration and cancerous growth). The vitamin C content also enhances the building up of the immune system (self defensive ability of the body against infections). Consumption of banana is particularly good for cold and flu.

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Banana should be consumed liberally by ulcer patients because it helps to reduce the acidity of the gastric juice in the stomach thereby relieving the pains. This is very effective. At times full relief or recovery is achieved by consumption of bananas alone.


Sexual Health Care Solution For Men

Health fitness is restored and Libido with sexual virility in elderly men above 50 years is enhanced. After 50 years sexual performance tends to decline and erectile dysfunction or impotence either partially or totally is common. If impotence or ED is not due to chronic infection or anatomical insufficiency or problem, consumption of banana and groundnuts is very potent in restoring sexual prowess in men.

The mechanism is simple. The high carbohydrates content which is released gradually supplies the much needed energy for erection and sexual act. The protein content of the groundnut will enhance spermatozoa formation or spermatogenesis.  The cholesterol reducing ability of banana and its reduction of blood pressure are very promontory. They are helpful to ERECTION and sexual performance in men. High blood pressure and sexual prowess in men are not good friends.

Are bananas weight loss friendly

Diabetics and sexual prowess or ability in men are also not good friends. Consumption of banana and groundnut tends to control both high blood pressure and diabetes. Sexual function or erection is enhanced in men. Blood can flow freely to all parts of the body. This  include the cavernous tissues of the penis for erection and rigidity.

Sexual Health Care Solution For Women

Women will also get banana benefit from its consumption of as their sexual performance and libido are also enhanced. The general good health and good cardiovascular health is promoted by. The consumption of bananas is good for the sexual health of women, including fertility.